Pursue What Lasts!     



Home Missionaries 

LeRoy and Lorraine Randolph, Carver Baptist Bible Institute, (USA)

Susan Kalal, BMM (USA)

GARBC Military Chaplaincy (USA)

Mike and Jeannette Clark (Alaska)

Foreign Missionaries

Mike and Michelle Freeze, BMM (Cambodia)

Richard and Karen Visser, BMM (France)

 Valdez and Sherry Coehlo, BMM (Brazil)

Immanuel and Hannah Jebaraj, BMM (India)

Mark and Sara Pitts BMM (Australia)

Matt and Julie Smith (Africa)

Mission Agencies and Endeavors

Continental Baptist Mission

Baptist Mid-Missions

Chicago-Area Church Planters, Inc. 

Camp Manitoumi 


 Retired Missionaries

 Fred and Mary Kreiser, CBM (USA Retired)

Richard and Wilma Dix, (USA Retired)

Ralph and Karen Boersma, CBM (USA Retired)

Bernie (Home with the Lord) and Doris Bishop, CBM (USA Retired)

Helen Zwyghuizen, BMM (Home with the Lord)

Tim and Rochelle Brudthkuhl, BMM (Germany Retired)

Duane and Dianne Waterland, CMCH (Brazil Retired)

John and Hope Murdoch, GARBC Military Chaplaincy (USA)